Ghee is clarified butter, which has been simmered until the milk solids separate. It is then caramelised over a low heat, the liquid gold which remains is passed through a muslin cloth to remove any impurities, bottled and there you have it, Ghee glorious Ghee.

Ghee is a favourite of those with intolerances to lactose or casein as it contains less than 1% of either of those potentially inflammatory substances, it has numerous holistic applications, can be stored without refrigeration for long periods of time, and is excellent for cooking with its high smoke point of 230°C.

Pepe Saya Ghee is made from our unsalted cultured butter, of course, and the finished product produces an extra special nutty flavour. It can be kept in the cupboard or fridge

Pop onto the Pepe Saya website for recipes on how to use your ghee!

Pepe Saya Ghee 190ml

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